Nikola Milic

The Euroshredder



Quickly becoming a rising force in the metal scene, Nikola Milic is taking the shred community by storm. Based in San Diego California, Nikola spends his time performing, recording and instructing. His reputation as a virtuoso guitarist with ample experience in various styles including neo-classical metal, hard rock, blues, jazz and country has earned him a solid reputation as a gifted and immaculate musician and is expected to become the next great "shred" guitarist.

Dubbed "The Euroshredder" Nikola is most known for his neo-classical styling and is comperable to artists like Yngwie Malmsteen and Jason Becker. His fluid movements across the fretboard compare only to the sheer virtuosity of his impeccable speed and finesse.



Nikola's extreme skill in combination with his patience, knowledge and articulation of his lessons has earned him a plethora of students including producer/composer Toby Weiss. Students excel quickly under Nikola's structured and well mapped lesson plans. While Nikola keeps a full roster of students, he is open to working with both new and experienced students alike. To learn more please read the article Guitar Lessons.