Bio of Nikola Milic

Bio of Nikola Milic

Birth Name Nikola Milic
Born Dec. 29 1983, Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina
Genres Neo-Classical Metal, Hard Rock, Blues, Jazz, Country, Progressive Metal
Occupations Musician, Songwriter, Producer, Instructor
Instruments Electric Guitar, Accoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Trombone
Years Active 1996-Present


Nikola Milic, born 1983 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, survived a war torn country as a young child. During these difficult times he found solace in listening to American rock music he purchased at his local record store. It was in this time of escape into music that he began to realize that he too wanted to perform for people needing a place to escape as well. After moving to the United States he began his musical journey by starting as a trombone player in the school band. Eventually his mass infatuation with heavy metal music would lead him to pursue virtuosity with the guitar and bass guitar.



In addition to stints in various rock bands, studio session work and 16 years of playing experience, Nikola's earliest musical endeavors date back to his junior high school days where he performed with the prestigious San Diego City School Honor Band. As a trombone player his hard work, talent and dedication earned him a spot as a section leader which opened the door to learning other instruments.  While under the instruction of award winning SDSC band director/guitarist Philip Marcus, Nikola decided to pick up the guitar and bass. While being involved in both jazz and concert bands,  his transition from trombone to guitar served as a musical quantum leap towards becoming a virtuoso shredder.

In later years as he mastered guitar he worked with a variety of bands including the thrash metal act Skelator, classic rock cover band Mysterious, as well as collaborated with notable musicians Manuel Dorado and Avon Burell. In between bands Nikola began occasionally offering guitar lessons. His teaching skills struck a nerve with musicians which lead to a guitar teaching job at a local store. Taking time off from performing with bands, Nikola shifted his efforts towards a full time music teaching career as well as his writing, performing and producing of his own music.


Technique & Style

Regarded as one the most technically accomplished San Diego based guitarists, Nikola's style is heavily influenced by legendary guitarists Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai and Yngwie Malmsteen. What sets Nikola apart from other guitarists is his uncanny ability to infuse feeling and emotion to his playing while maintaining incredible speed, accuracy and articulation. Compromising the feel of blues based playing for the sake of 'shredding' has never been an issue for Nikola. Most notable for his use of sweep and speed picking, Nikola incorporates the Lydian and Ionian modes, harmonic minor scales  as well as a tasteful array of classically inspired licks and phrases to his playing.


Guitar Instructor

Locally recognized as a San Diego guitar instructor extraordinaire that specializes in teaching and performing progressive rock, Nikola's proven teaching methods have been acknowledged by San Diego's finest musicians and his students range from beginners to highly accomplished professionals.

Nikola's goal as a teacher is to convey his knowledge and expertise of the guitar on to others while emphasizing his own style, which exemplifies speed, intensity and finesse.  As a classically trained brass player, Nikola studied under college guitar professor Gary Tuttle and award winning SDSC band director/guitarist Phillip S. Marcus.

While his exploits in rock guitar gymnastics continue to attract and inspire new players, Nik's approach to teaching is simplistic, yet highly effective and suitable for young beginners and adults of all ages. Having previously taught at local stores like Music Central, Nikola Milic currently teaches exclusive private lessons and his client list has included the likes of music producer and composer Toby Weiss (son of jazz legend and  Guitar Institute of Technology co founder Joe Diorio),  pro touring guitarist Christopher Eck of the band Masterguru, former students of guitar virtuosos Greg Howe and Joe Stump and many other serious amateur and professional musicians.

Nikola's reputation as providing the finest San Diego guitar lessons stems from his ability to provide guitar instruction for multiple styles including lessons in metal guitar instruction, rock guitar instruction, neo-classical guitar instruction, blues guitar instruction, and jazz guitar instruction.


Musical Instruments

Nikola uses Vigier guitars, Peavy and Marshall amps, EMG and Di'Marzio pickups and Dean Markley and D'Addario strings.